Saturday, May 22, 2010

Heyward. Bucs LOSE

7 9 0 6
0 4 1 0

The Pirates get rocked by yet another batter they failed to pick up in the draft.  Same story, different year.  Whether it was Wieters or Heyward, the 2007 draft was a golden opportunity wasted as either one would have been a better pickup than Danny Moskos, who has yet to get out of the AA level.  But there's no use complaining about it now, and it was the old regime that made that draft pick.  So far, the new ownership's picks have seemed solid. Pedro Alvarez is almost ready to come up and Tony Sanchez is killing the ball down in Bradenton.  One can only hope that the days of missed chances in the draft are, for the most part, over.


Nate McClouth was apparently in this game.

Heyward hit another homer.

Ross Ohlendorf gave up 6 runs in just 3.2 innings, so Jeff Karstens came in for some extended relief, taking an at-bat in the process.  He was good, allowing only a homer from McCann (his only hit allowed), but the game was way over before that.  Hudson went 8 innings for the Braves and only allowed 3 hits.  Carrasco and Donnelly combined for 1 hit over the last two innings.

Bucs offense was silent all game.  GFJ and Bobby Crosby had the only hits for them, each picking up 2.


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