Sunday, May 30, 2010

Canyon, Part II. Bucs SWEPT

2 4 0 3
5 12 0 12

Like all weekend afternoon games, didn't get to watch this game.  And looking at the stats, I'm pretty glad I didn't.  This game was a travesty.  The Bucs got 4-hit by an 0-7 pitcher.  Their only scoring play was a 2- run homer by Jeff Clement.  In the past 5 games (all losses) Andrew McCutchen has only 3 hits, and no more than one per game.  It's time to stop the bleeding, and fast.  Time to call up Alvarez and Tabata.  Give Brad Lincoln a shot too.  He can't be worse than Charlie Morton has been, even if he's not completely ready yet.  Have to do something before the season's completely out of reach before the halfway point.

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