Monday, May 3, 2010

Bad Luck. Bucs LOSE


Frankly, it's amazing that the Pirates ended up with a 0 in the Error column, because there were defensive breakdowns in droves.  On the other side of the game, it seemed like no matter how impossible it was for the Dodgers to make a play, they were able to pull it off.  Like the Crosby play.  LaRoche reaches first on an infield single. Okay, that's pretty good.  But then Crosby hits a bloop down the third base line and somehow Belliard makes a ridiculous stretching catch after running from third base.  LaRoche, who is absolutely stunned at this point, is almost to second.  He quickly runs back to first only to be called on a putout, even though the first baseman had his foot off the bag.

That wasn't the only play LaRoche was involved in.  In the bottom of the fifth, LaRoche leaps up to make the catch at third, getting Russell Martin out, but nobody notices that Xavier Paul has somehow wandered over to second.  Andy throws to first and Paul should have been out, but no one argues.  One play later Ethier hits his 2-run homer, and that's the only highlight you'll see from that inning.

Just a frustrating game to watch.


Miscellaneous shit

Andrew McCutchen apparently got his ankle hurt on a play in the 3rd.  hope he'll be back sooner rather than later.

Garrett Jones had 2 hits, 2 runs, and an RBI to lead the Pirates.  Andy LaRoche had 2 hits as well.

Jeff Karstens got a hit.  His average is now .250.

Relief was not good allowing 3 ER.  Brian Bass did not look particularly strong in his 2 IP, but he's still a work in progress I guess.

Bucs go 3-7 on this road trip.  Not exactly stellar.  Maybe a home stand is just what the doctor ordered.

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