Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another Shutout. Bucs SWEPT


Simply an awful few days for the Burgh.  The Igloo closes with a heartbreaker, and the Bucs get swept by a team that they swept earlier in the year.  The weather was perfect for it though - cold, wet, and miserable.

The game was essentially the same as last game.  Bucs' offense failed to do much of anything.  You could tell this one was over after the 1st inning.  It was just that kind of game.

The Commies took a 4-0 lead through the 2nd, and tacked on another in the 4th.  Bullpen returned to its normal great form after Duke got yanked after only 5 innings, allowing 9 hits and 2 homers.  The bullpen allowed 1 hit and struck out 6.  Once again the problems lie with our starting rotation and the hitting.

Oh my, the hitting.  The best hitter today was Garrett Jones, going 2 for 3.  I hope those 2 hits means a return to the GFJ we all know and love, because he certainly has been in a slump lately.  After a bright start to the season and briefly leading the league in homers, his power bat has gone mostly quiet.

Aki Iwamura, despite doing decent earlier in the season, now has an average of  .169 and an OBP of just .267.  That's not good enough for the leadoff position.  He hasn't gotten a hit since May 7, and hasn't even been ON BASE since a walk on May 9.  He has just 2 hits and 4 walks in the entire month of May.

Steve Pearce got a hit today.  Still haven't seen anything from him that indicates he can hit the ball the way he did in Indianapolis.  He looks a lot like he did at the end of last year.

Lastings Milledge has performed okay, but still haven't seen anything that resembles the power hitter he was supposed to be.  He still is the only player eligible for the batting race on the Pirates to not have a home run yet (insert joke about the home run that wasn't).  Hell, Bobby Crosby has a home run.  Aki Iwamura has 2.

Batting needs to get infinitely better for the Bucs to have any chance this year, but I think most of us knew it wasn't going to happen this year anyway.  I'd still take a miracle from my beloved Buccos any time though.

Sorry for the downer post today, I'm still shocked about the Pens.  With June should bring some new faces to the Pirates' major league club.  Can't get here soon enough.

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