Wednesday, April 28, 2010


7 14 0 9
3 8 0 9

I have been a Jeff Karstens fan since the almost no-hitter in 2008.  He had some bad outings in 2009, but when he was moved to reliever later in the year, he did pretty well.  I have no idea why he was not on the roster since the beginning of the season.  He has been pretty much all over the map in Indianapolis, granted.  He has pitched anywhere from a 2-hit 0.00 ERA in 4 IP to a 6-run, 15.00 ERA nightmare over 3 innings in AAA.  I still believe he should have a spot on this Pirates roster.  If not a starter, than in relief.  If Ross Ohlendorf does not start next week, give Jeff a try.  Or maybe you could give Charlie Morton some work in AAA.  Maybe give the bullpen some rest and let Karstens pitch a few innings.  Whatever it takes.  Jeff has the talent to pitch in the majors.

There is no doubt that tonight he was our savior.  He held a Brewers offense that has been absolutely explosive against Pirates pitchers to only 2 runs over his 6.6 IP.  He is the first decent start against the Brewers since Paul Maholm allowed 1 run in 7.6 IP to cap a sweep of the Brew Crew in Pittsburgh in late August of 2009.  Maholm, coincidentally, will start tomorrow afternoon.

One player I have not mentioned often enough is Andy LaRoche, who went 4 for 5 today.  He has been absolutely amazing so far with a .400 batting average, albeit in fewer games due to injury.  In players with 40 or more at bats this season, he ranks 3rd. Unfortunately, due to injury, he is not eligible for the batting crown at this point.  His OPS is a team-best .959, not counting Ross Ohlendorf's 2 walks in his only at-bats.  It's funny, but I always considered Andy to be the lesser LaRoche when his brother was on the team.  Boy was I wrong on that count.  Keep up the good work, young man.

The Brewers took a 3-2 lead into the top of the 9th, thanks to a tie-breaking home run by Prince Fielder off Javier Lopez.  So Trevor Hoffman comes in, looking for his 14 bazillionth save.  What he didn't count on, however, was Ronny Cedeno homering.  Or Andy LaRoche singling.  Or Lastings Milledge doubling.  Garret Jones gets intentionally walked.  No problem.  Ryan Doumit decides to roll some salami.


D.J. Carrasco strikes out the first two.  Then Lloyd Braun grounds out to short.  He just liked ringing that bell.



Miscellaneous shit

Three Buccos went 3 for 5 or better: Andy LaRoche, Ryan Doumit, and Jeff Clement.

Trevor Hoffman is 42 years old.  He certainly looked like it tonight.

The Bucs look to begin a new streak and take the series win tomorrow at 1:10 pm.  Paul Maholm will get the start against former reliever Chris Narveson.

As unbelievable as it sounds, the Pirates are only 5 games behind 1st place St. Louis right now.  A win tomorrow could push them as high as 3rd place in the surprisingly even NL Central.  There's a slight glimmer of hope for the Bucs.  Do it.

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