Friday, April 9, 2010

The Drizzle. Bucs LOSE

10 16 2 6
2 8 3 11

The Dodgers took the lead early in the game and never gave it up.

Afternoon games have never been kind to the Pirates, and this one was no exception.  Three Pirates (Milledge, Cedeno, and Clement) were given the day off.  Defense suffered because of it, as evidenced by the 3 errors in the box.

Every time it looked like the Bucs were going to rally, someone would strike out or a double play would be turned.

One of those days.

Good thing the season isn't decided on one game alone.  As of right now, the Bucs are in a 3-way tie for 1st in the NL Central with St. Louis and Milwaukee; each are 2-1 so far.  Oh yeah, the Giants are the only team left without a loss, so it's not like it isn't going around the league.  They played the Astros, so that may throw the curve off a bit.  The Pirates just won a series against the NL West champion.  Slightly different level of competition.

Garrett Jones still leads the NL in home runs (3) and RBIs (6).  Safe to say the pitchers will be aware of him now.  Seems like the pitcher 8th experiment is paying off, as he is the "clean-up" in subsequent times through the order.

Every team is going to have days like this.  The real key is shaking it off the next day and winning most of your series, which the Bucs did.  All in all not a bad opening series.  On to Phoenix.


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