Saturday, April 24, 2010

Defense. Bucs LOSE

3 4 1 3
4 7 1 3

Short recap as I'm busy with finals prep at the moment.  Bucs' rally in the 7th fell short and they lose their first close game of the season.  Paul Maholm was pretty much excellent, but the defense behind him was suspect.  If Milledge had started in LF and not Church, and if Bobby Crosby or Andy LaRoche had been at 3rd instead of Delwyn Young (who is NOT a 3B any way you try to spin it), I'm fairly certain this is a W for the Pirates.  Garrett Jones got his 4th HR of the year, scoring 2 runs, and Jeff Clement hit his 2nd HR of the year, a solo shot.

Looks like Chris Jakubauskas will be the starter on Saturday.


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