Thursday, April 29, 2010

Epic. Bucs WIN


Damn, it feels good to win a series in Milwaukee.  And this game was absolutely incredible to watch.  By the 13th inning, I couldn't sit still and started pacing back and forth in front of my TV.  I just can't express in words how happy I am that the Pirates proved me wrong by winning this series.  I lost track of the stated goal of this blog, but then again, it was one of the worst stretches in Pirates history.  The way they played in these last two games showed the talent I knew this team had since the first series of the season.  All we need now is for the Pirates to keep their level of play this high for the rest of the season.  Easier said than done, obviously.

Bucs started  things off strong with 2 homers in the 1st; the first, by Andy LaRoche, scored two runs; the second, by Cutch, was a solo shot.  Then the bats went quiet for 7 innings as Milwaukee slowly built a 4-3 lead.  Paul Maholm had another solid outing, keeping the Brewers' bats relatively quiet over his 7 IP.  His 5 BB is a little concerning, but his 6 Ks made up for it.  Maholm has been the most consistent starter for the Bucs, as he has not given up more than 4 ER in a start.

In the top of the ninth, Ryan Doumit happened.  A solo dinger ties the game and gives Trevor Hoffman his second blown save in as many games.  The Beers might want to start looking for a new closer, because he looks like he's running on fumes at this point.

In the tenth, both teams scored a run to keep it even.  Cutch had his second homer of the game.  But Casey McGehee drove in Lloyd Braun to tie it back up.

Nothing terribly interesting happened in the 11th or 12th.  In the 11th, Andy LaRoche was thrown out of the game for throwing his bat to the ground after a called 3rd strike.  Bobby Crosby took over his duties for the rest of the game.  A couple Bucs hits in the 12th, but mostly it was guys going down in order.

In the 13th, there was a scare as Escobar hit a single to left-center and it looked like Edmonds was going to score.  Milledge throws to home where Ryan Doumit is waiting.  Praise the Lord, he made the tag!

And so it's on to the 14th.  Iwamura beats a throw to first for a single.  But then Crosby and Cutch line out and fly out.  Somebody has to step up.  The Legend comes to the plate.  He hits a single to far right.  Aki scores.  6-5.  All that's left is for Carrasco to finish it off.  He takes them down in order.


Miscellaneous shit

  • The Beers' decision to pinch-hit Edmonds for Corey Hart in the 10th looks like a terrible decision in retrospect.  Not only did he fail to reach base, but on the game-winning hit by Garrett Jones, he made an absolutely awful throw to the infield, which allowed Iwamura, who had started the play at first base, to reach home safely.  Not to mention that tag at the plate in the 13th.
  • Andy LaRoche's bat quieted somewhat in this game, only going 1 for 5, a two-run homer in the 1st.  Not to worry, though, as Cutch went 4 for 7 and Iwamura went 3 for 6 with a walk.  Both scored two runs.  GFJ also had two hits, including the game-winning RBI in the 14th.
  • All but one of the Bucs' runs came off homers.  The sole exception was Garrett Jones's game-winning single in the 14th.
  • This is the first series the Bucs have won in Milwaukee since a late-July series in 2006.  Coincidentally, Maholm was the starting pitcher in the series-winning third game back then as well.
  • Bucs now stand at 9-12, currently tied for 4th in the division with Milwaukee.  Incredibly, second place is only one win away.  First place is still a ways away, with 5 games between the Bucs and the Cards.
  • It's effin' TIME. woooo

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