Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Horse with No Name. Bucs LOSE

1 8 1 7
9 14 0 6

At first this game seemed like it might be a pitching duel.  Charlie Morton looked decent in the first 2, striking out 5.  But then the 3rd happened.

Diamondbacks score 2, and maybe there's still a little hope.  But then Chris Young hits a Grand Slam. No coming back after that.  Morton is pulled in the middle of the 4th after allowing two more runs, and his ERA is now 21.60.

I don't know what it is about this team that always give the Pirates problems.  They're like the Brewers of the NL West.  The last time the Bucs had a decent series against this team was in early June of 2008, where they tied a 4-game series 2-2 on a Luis Rivas RBI.

Anyway, Clement drives in Milledge in the 6th to break the shutout bid, but there really wasn't much thought about a rally.  Arizona's relievers get the job done, allowing just 2 hits over 3 innings.

And so the Pirates find themselves in the same situation as last year.  2-2.  .500.  Will it last?  Maybe (probably) not, but now is the turning point.  Last year's Bucs were able to sustain .500 ball until May 4, when an 8-game losing streak pretty much killed it.  Just have to see what happens, of course.


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