Monday, April 26, 2010

SERIES 7 - Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers

Monday, April 26, 8:10 PM (FSN)
Tuesday, April 27, 8:10 PM (FSN)
Wednesday, April 28, 1:10 PM (FSN)

Miller Park, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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This series is probably going to be brutal to watch.  The Brewers always kill us, even when the Bucs are doing somewhat well.  Right now, the Pirates are playing terrible baseball.  Not a good combination.

And yet, the Pirates need to win this series to stay alive in the division.  Right now they are 4 games out of first place, but it feels like they're a hundred games out.

The Pirates currently have a 21-game losing streak in Miller Park, with their last win on May 3, 2007.  Tom Gorzelanny was the starting pitcher.  Yeah.  Ryan Doumit, Zach Duke, and Paul Maholm were the only current Pirates on that 2007 team.

The rule of averages suggests that the Pirates will win sooner rather than later, but don't count on it this trip.

The lineup for the Bucs gets shaken up as Iwamura moves to the 7th spot, Cutch moves to the top, and LaRoche moves to the 2nd spot.  Will this make a difference?  Probably not.

Expected Pitching Matchups

April 20: Zach Duke (2-1-1) vs. Yovani Gallardo (1-2-1)
April 21: ???? vs. Randy Wolf (2-1-1)
April 22: Paul Maholm (1-2-1) vs. Chris Narveson (0-0-0 in starts)

Yovani Gallardo: 8-0. Nothing to see here.

Randy Wolf: 20-0. Move along.

Chris Narveson: Normally a relief pitcher, he is apparently going to start against Paul Maholm.  He has a 7.20 ERA in 10 innings of relief.

Proposed Lineups

1-R. Weeks 2B
2-C. Gomez CF
3-R. Braun LF
4-P. Fielder 1B
5-C. McGehee 3B
6-C. Hart RF
7-G. Zaun C
8-A. Escobar SS

1-A. McCutchen CF
2-A. LaRoche 3B
3-R. Church LF
4-G. Jones RF
5-R. Doumit C
6-J. Clement 1B
7-A. Iwamura 2B
9-R. CedeƱo SS

Let's Go Bucs.

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