Friday, July 2, 2010

Unexpected. Bucs WIN

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The Pirates beat the Phillies on just 5 hits?  Daniel McCutchen, Mr. double-digit ERA, beat Cole Hamels, one of the best in the game?  Are we living in Bizarro World?  Well, maybe not the 5 hits part.  Completely unexpected performance by Daniel.  I really thought we had no chance to take this game.  He definitely got lucky on some pitches which the Phillies, instead of crushing them out of the park, chose to look at.  Sometimes you need some luck to win.  In the Pirates' case, that's most of the time.

Strikeouts are becoming a problem again.  In this one the Pirates struck out 9 times, a number that has to come down if the Pirates want to win games by more than 1 or 2 runs.

Nice to see Pedro starting to hit.  He's got a 4-game hitting streak going now, and it won't be long till he knocks one out, judging by his long double off the wall near the notch in center in this game.  Jose Tabata is also looking strong.  He was able to work the Phillies pitchers for 23 pitches, something we haven't seen in a while and which helped to wear them down a lot.  He was directly responsible for two of the Bucs' runs in this game.  Not bad for a young kid.  Good to know we have him around for a while.

A good, solid win.  Now to see if Ohlie can get his first win as well.

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