Friday, July 30, 2010

SERIES 34 - Cardinals

St. Louis Cardinals

Friday, July 30, 8:15 PM (FSN)
Saturday, July 31, 7:15 PM (FSN)
Sunday, August 1, 2:15 PM (FSN)

Busch Stadium, St. Louis, MO

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After getting a nice road win in Denver, the Pirates draw the toughest team in the NL Central and will have to face two of their toughest starting pitchers.  The other pitcher for the Cardinals, Suppan, is not that great, but he may end up facing Daniel McCutchen.  Add in the great Cardinals batting and this series looks pretty terrible on paper for the Buccos.  But that's why they play the game.

Expected Pitching Matchups

July 30: Jeff Karstens (2-6, 4.72 ERA) vs. Chris Carpenter (11-3, 3.09 ERA)
July 31: ???? (Daniel McCutchen?) (?-?, ?.?? ERA) vs. Jeff Suppan (0-6, 6.18 ERA)
August 1: Zach Duke (5-9, 5.09 ERA) vs. Adam Wainwright (14-6, 2.23 ERA)

Proposed Lineups


  1. A. McCutchen, CF
  2. J. Tabata, LF
  3. N. Walker, 2B
  4. G. Jones, 1B
  5. P. Alvarez, 3B
  6. L. Milledge, RF
  7. R. Cedeno, SS
  8. E. Kratz, C
  9. [Pitcher]


  1. F. Lopez, 3B
  2. J. Jay, RF
  3. A. Pujols, 1B
  4. M. Holliday, LF
  5. C. Rasmus, CF
  6. Y. Molina, C
  7. B. Ryan, SS
  8. [Pitcher]
  9. S. Schumaker, 2B

Let's Go Bucs.

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