Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Canyon, Part IV. Bucs SWEPT.


And so the Pirates go into the All-star break on a 6-game losing streak.  It's disappointing, but not exactly unexpected.  What was a little unexpected was the utter collapse of the bullpen in this series.  In two out of 3 games the Pirates were leading in the 9th, only to blow the save and lose.  I can only hope the break will help them get back on track.  No guarantees as always, though.

Ronny Cedeno was the only Pirate with more than one hit, one of which was a double.  One good thing, however, is that home runs are coming more often than usual for this team.  Lastings Milledge has apparently shaken off his first half jitters, as he hit his 3rd of the season and his 2nd in the last two games he's played in.

Pedro Alvarez continues to show that calling him up was a smart decision.  He hit his 3rd home run of the season, and has a hit in 11 out of his last 13 games.  His average in July is .289, much improved from his .152 average in June.

Brad Lincoln continues to be a pleasant surprise, if not always on the mound, then definitely at the plate.  His average through 13 at-bats is .308.  His pitching line wasn't bad either, going 6.0 IP, 7 H, 3 ER, 2 BB, 3 K, and 2 HR.  Other than giving up 2 HR, I'd take that line any day.  Milwaukee is a hitter's park though, as evidenced by the amount of homers the Pirates have been getting there lately.

And so the All-star break begins, and we have a reprieve from sucky baseball.  Halfway home.

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