Monday, July 19, 2010

The Complete Game Shutout. Bucs WIN


Okay, so after 7 straight games of suck against Houston, the Pirates suddenly turn into the Yankees against them?  Whatever, I'll take it.

Paul Maholm pitched a 3-hit complete game, striking out 1 and walking none.  Obviously the best game of his career, as he's never had a shutout CG before.  His last CG came on April 27, 2008.  This is the first CG for the Pirates all season.

Meanwhile, the offense exploded for the second time in a row, putting up even more hits than they had in the previous game. Every position player had a hit, and out of them only Pedro and Cedeno did not have an RBI, which is odd, because Cedeno went 4 for 4 on the day. Other multi-hitters were Tabata (3 for 5), Walker (2 for 5), Pedro (2 for 5), Doumit (3 for 5), and Milledge (2 for 4). Doubles were hit by Doumit (twice), Cedeno (3 times), Church (who came in when Cutch was injured making a diving catch), and Tabata.  Garrett Jones hit the first multi-run homer for the Bucs in over a month, scoring Tabata.

To expect this kind of offensive surge to continue would be foolish, but it certainly shows what the Pirates are capable of doing.  I hope this is a boost of confidence for them.  The Pirates have now won 3 straight series at home.  If only their road contests went as well as their home ones, they might actually be in contention.

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