Thursday, June 3, 2010

Off-day post: A look at the MLB draft

The 2010 MLB draft starts on Monday.  Let's take a look at who various sources say the Pirates will take with their 2nd-overall pick.

It's pretty much a given that the Nationals will take Bryce Harper with the first overall pick.  With that in mind here's where the Pirates stack up in mock drafts.
The overwhelming opinion seems to be that Manny Machado will be the newest Pirate 1st rounder.  He's a big bat and has already gotten some comparisons to Alex Rodriguez.  Some people voice concerns that he won't be able to play SS for long due to his size, but SS is a position that the Pirates currently do not have a long term plan for and if he can play SS now, he can probably play any infield position if he is given some work there in the minors.  Machado seems like a great pickup at the #2 pick.

Drew Pomeranz and Jameson Taillon are both starting pitchers.  Pomeranz is a LHP currently playing for Ole Miss.  Taillon is a high school player from Texas.  It's possible that the Pirates could take either of them with their pick, but SS seems like a bigger need right now as the Pirates already have some good pitching prospects in their system (Brad Lincoln, Tim Alderson, Zack Von Rosenberg, Bryan Morris, Jeff Locke, and Donnie Veal, just to name a few).  As of right nowChase D'Arnaud is the only real quality SS prospect in the system, so taking Machado makes a lot of sense to me.

Of course, if the Nationals for some reason believe they need more pitchers and take Taillon or Pomeranz, Harper would be the obvious choice.  He's a can't miss guy who can play catcher, 3rd base, or right field.  He could probably be converted to other positions too if necessary.  This kid is so good he had a .626 average in 2009 with 14 homers and 55 RBIs.  Definitely a guy you could build a franchise around.

Whoever the Pirates end up picking, I just hope it's not another Bullington.  They have drafted pretty well in the recent past, and I am hopeful that that trend will continue this year.

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