Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Number 9... Number 9... Bucs LOSE

6 7 0 7
4 10 1 9

Another disappointing outing for Brad Lincoln, but it's nice to see him at the big league level instead of Charlie Morton or Daniel McCutchen.

Garrett Jones continues to drive in runs, going 1 for 4 with a 2 RBI double. Cutch is back, going 3 for 4, including a nifty play where he stole second and third in two consecutive pitches.  Neil Walker and Ryan Doumit also had two hits each.

But the 6 through 9 spots continue to be more barren than a hysterectomy patient.  Brad Lincoln was the only player in those spots to get a hit, unless you count Aki's pinch-hit double in the 6th.  Ryan Church, Andy LaRoche, and Ronny Cedeno all went 0 for.  Even Delwyn Young's pinch-hitting for LaRoche yielded no results.

Once again, Dotel was in a non-save situation, and once again he gave up a run.  Although the Pirates haven't exactly been in many save situations lately, so he probably just needed to throw some balls.

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