Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Afternoon Blues. Bucs LOSE

6 10 0 9
1 6 1 7

As I've mentioned several times already, I hate afternoon games.  This isn't the 1960's.  Baseball is a night sport and it affects a player's rhythm when they have to play a game until 10:30 at night and have to be up training early the next morning.

The other reason I hate afternoon games is that the Pirates never seem to win them.

Newly acquired pitcher Dana Eveland was average, lasting 5 innings and allowing 3 ER, 6 hits, and 2 walks.  The bullpen, usually our strongest aspect, allowed 3 runs to score, essentially putting this game out of reach.

The offense was awful.  Only Bobby Crosby was able to manage more than 1 hit, going 2 for 4.  The only run was a Jason Jaramillo sac fly, scoring Milledge.

While the Pirates did take the series win against the Cubs, they're going to have to win a lot more games if they have any chance of sniffing .500 again.

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