Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mowdown. Bucs LOSE

2 5 0 7
6 12 0 7

I could go on about how the Pirates' lineup was weird, or ask why Doumit is playing first when he has next to no experience at the position, or why Jose Tabata was not in the lineup after playing the previous day, or why Ryan Church was Russell's choice as DH, but I won't.  I've moved on from Denial and Anger to Acceptance.  The Pirates are not going to have a winning season this year.  I knew that at the beginning of the season, but it's still a bit of a shock every year when you actually see them play.  You try to fool yourself into believing "if he can hit like that for the rest of the year, we're good" and other such thoughts.  But then reality sets in.

So, instead, I'm just going to enjoy it for the sport of baseball, even if my team is pretty awful.  I'll try to look at the good things, the positive steps toward the future that the team is clearly making.  I feel a lot more confident under Huntington than I ever did under Littlefield.  We've got some great talent coming up through the system right now, and while it takes time for them to develop the system after what Littlefield and McClatchy turned it into, it's looking bright for the future.  Andrew McCutchen got back on track in this game after slumping for a few weeks, going 2 for 4.  Garrett Jones also hit 2 for 4.  Dana Eveland was good in relief, even though he didn't have much to work with after Ross Ohlendorf was done.  You have to look at the little things.  And have faith.  Some day, the Pirates will get back to the proud organization they once were.  The sky is always darkest just before the dawn.

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