Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dead Last. Bucs LOSE

5 6 1 2
8 13 1 10

While the Pirates still lost this game, at least it was a little more respectable than last game. There was that big output by the offense in the 7th that carried over to the 8th. They might have gotten a win if the bullpen didn't resemble a nuclear test site.

J-Mac was not exactly great, but not terrible either in his second start as a Bucco, but broke down in the 5th. Cautiously optimistic that he can be at least a decent pitcher for a few years. He went 4.2 IP with 7 H, 4 R/ER, 1 BB, 6 K, and 0 HR. Daniel McCutchen struck out the side in relief.

The offense was silent for most of the game, with only 1 hit through 6 innings. But eventually they evened things out a bit in the 7th with Correia walking Pedro to bring a run home, then Doumit hitting a double that scored 2 runs. Snyder sacrificed to 2nd to score the 4th run of the inning. One inning later, Neil Walker hit a single to score Tabata.

Only Neil Walker had more than 1 hit (2 for 4), and the only extra-base hit was Doumit's double.

The Race For Last

Baltimore won, so the Pirates inherit the last rung on the ladder.

Baltimore: Won 3-1.
Arizona: Won 8-2.
Seattle: Lost 5-1.
Cleveland: Lost 3-1.
Kansas City: Lost 2-1 in 10.

The current standings:

Kansas City4767

Eyes on the prize, Bucco fans.

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