Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Three Days after the Steelers' Patriotic Win, Latest News

Wow, still have trouble getting over a big W for the Steelers.  They played great defense, man-to-man instead of just bunching up against Brady's team.  The Steelers' defense really played well, although they lost Lamarr Woodley before the end of the 3rd quarter.  Lamarr was having a field day, with two sacks on Brady and disrupting everything for the Pats' offense.  Sadly, he suffered a hamstring injury and it's uncertain if he'll play on Sunday night against the Ravens.  The Steelers' defense really did lose pressure after he went out of the game, but they held.  Keisel sealed it with a sack-fumble, which lead to a safety and a 25-17 Steelers win.  Granted, there are still things that should have prevented the Pats from winning. I know the pass rush was lacking after Lamarr went out, but the secondary, while doing well overall, could have done more in terms of coverage, but they did what they had to do in the end.

Now we have to wait and see if Lamarr will even suit up on Sunday night.  On the brighetr side, James Harrison, James Farrior, and Jason Worilds were cleared to practice this week but we don't know yet if they will play.  The linebacking corps is really decimated with injuries, so we will have to see how Tomlin's coaching staff will adjust to this situation.

Offensively, it was near perfection.  Ben was Brady, and he only threw one bad pick.  Ben had a couple good TD passes, one each to Mewelde Moore and Antonio Brown.  We didn't need Hines that game, but he'll definitely be there for the Ravens game.  Personally, I can't wait to see Hines looking to pick it up against the Ravens, but that's getting ahead of myself.  Right now, the Steelers offensive line is doing well enough to protect Ben, but now it's going to be against a tough Ravens D.  Let's see if the coaching staff will be able to continue the hot streak like they did against the Pats, although that team's defense isn't really dominating like the Ravens.  They passed a lot, which I wasn't a big fan of in terms of short-yardage situations, but they didn't let Brady take the field, which was important.  I just hope the running game can still be a factor, cause then that will really give teams pause to think about what to do.  It's a passing league now, but it would really help if the run game also punches in a couple TD's a game.  For now, let's enjoy it and hope that the coaches will be able to find ways to game plan against the Ravens defense.

Special teams was pretty good, although Suisham could have made another field goal to give a bit more breathing room but it wasn't really a gimme kick.  He did well enough and I just hope he does more against the Ravens.  Still need to protect the ball and have tight coverage, but for the previous game, no complaints.

Coaches Tomlin, Arians, and LeBeau all worked in synch.  Now we just have to see if the defense can adjust again, possibly without Harrison and Woodley being the main factors.  We'll have to see, but for now, let's enjoy the win over the Pats and anticipate a really tough showdown with a divisional foe.  The Steelers have gotten it together, and they will need to do more against the Ravens.  Let's hope the Steelers coaches will figure that out.

Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!

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