Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Steelers-Texans Recap: Bad and Ugly. Nothing Good.

Oi vey!  Maybe I shouldn't put up previews on game day since the Steelers actually won their games when I previewed at least the day before the game.  It's probably because I put up the preview on the day of the Steelers game against the Texans.

Damn is all I can say with disgust.  The O-line was obviously a mess as we saw Ben get sacked 5 times, lose the ball during one of those sacks (though that was wiped out by a Texans penalty), Ben running for his life pretty much all game and the running game is again nonexistent.  Worse, Ben has a sprained foot when I watched ESPN, but that's actually better than a broken foot when this was first reported.  Ben might have had a broken one and it would've been significant, but the MRI results yesterday was negative so it's good news.  Rashard Mendenhall is also dealing with an injury but maybe those two should sit this one out, even though they are competitors.  I'm just worried for the rest of their seasons, even their careers further down the line.  That O-line is just a mess, and Tomlin needs to figure out how to make this work.  Hindsight is 20/20, and the organization is now wishing they at least kept Flozell Adams or signed another lineman before the season started.  Also, what is Bruce Arians doing not running the ball even once on their next to last drive?  All three were passes, and nothing.  Ben shouldn't have to keep running for his life.  It's like when I read a column from Y! Sports, Ben should just let his teammates make plays.  Throw the ball but not really long.  Make short and middle throws, or just run when there's pressure bearing down on him.  Those things will really help Ben survive.  Overall, we have to see if Tomlin can get the offense going against the Titans, cause that team is definitely improving and the O-line is just ripe for the Titans' pickings.

Speaking of the Titans, Chris Johnson is looking to have the same kind of day Arian Foster had this past Sunday.  The Steelesr let a running back have at least 100 yards rushing for the second time in four games.  Ray Rice was the other in the first game of the season.  The Steelers defensive line is just awful right now, with only one turnover I can recall forced by that line and not a whole lot of sacks.  This is concerning.  Yeah, they're old and deteriorating in skills, but this is a veteran unit that should know how to make plays even with those factors.  Lamarr Woodley isn't even a factor.  The linebacking corps isn't any better, actually the defensive backfield isn't all that great.  Troy hasn't made a pick or sack yet, and there moments where he could have made a big play but didn't, with Foster's big second-half TD run being the most obvious.  The odd thing is that the passing defense is statistically better while the run defense is worse.  At least we saw promise from Keenan Lewis.  I actually can't see any positives from either side of the ball.  The defense didn't get shredded any further because of Andre Johnson's freakish injury, which is just odd of how it happened but it really kept him out of the game.  Speaking of injury, Aaron Smith is also dealing with a foot problem for the Steelers, and now we better hope the young guys step up.  The Steelers defense needs to get motivated, or at least better prepared because that usually reliable unit isn't getting it done so far this season.  Tomlin and LeBeau better figure out what to do with this unit, or it will be a longer season.

Special teams....geez, how lucky is it that the Texans got themselves a lot of penalties that kept the Steelers in the game?  I still don't get how the Steelers couldn't keep the Texans from even reaching the ball.  That blocked field goal shouldn't have even happened.  A lot of things have gone wrong for the Steelers in that game, and the coaching staff needs to keep them motivated.  More importantly, health is vital and Ben, even when injured, needs to be the leader since he is the face of the franchise.  The same can be said for Troy, or even Harrison and Woodley.  Those guys need to lead this team, and the Steelers need to pull it together before things get even more out of hand.

I still believe in this team, but it's getting harder.  It's one game at a time now, and it starts with the Titans.  Let's hope the Steelers get back on track this upcoming Sunday.

Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!

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