Sunday, October 23, 2011

Late Recap Again/Preview

Sorry guys, but I didn't recap cause of real life and the fact I didn't get to see the game. Am I happy they won?  Yes and no. Why? They did get the W, but they actually should have lost to the Jaguars after they let them come back from being down 17-0.  Sure, the Steelers' run game got back on track again, with Rashard Mendenhall being a 100-yd game back again after a while, but the offense from what I saw/read just sputtered.  The defense did do well, but actually could have done more in terms of impact.  The entire team cannot expect to just let teams come back and still hope to hold on for a win.  The Steelers were up by almost twenty points at halftime, and nearly lost.  I can only hope the Steelers team gets it together against the Cardinals today.  The offense needs to stop going for the deep throw all the time, and actually manage the game.  Yes, stay aggressive but let's not go overboard.

Speaking of the Cardinals, it's a rematch between two Super Bowl contenders from a couple years ago.  The Steelers' D needs to come out and finish strong to stop the deadly Larry Fitzgerald.  Yeah, Kevin Kolb's essentially a rookie since he got traded from the Eagles because this is his first year being named as the starter from day one.  He's done alright, all things considered, since the Cardinals went through the QB carousel all of last season.  He's been stable, and the Eagles did draft him some years back thinking he was a star in the making.  Maybe, but until then, the Steelers defense have to be strong and not let him be successful with the ball, whenever they face him.  The Steelers may be doing better statistically in the passing game, but the run defense still needs some work and they need to step it up again with Casey Hampton out and James Harrison not yet coming back, whereas Aaron Smith is again not finishing the season due to injury.  Things are okay, at least, cause Troy Polamalu will start despite having a concussion, as medical doctors cleared him and it doesn't appear too serious.  Hopefully Troy can make an impact again, and maybe the defense overall can force some turnovers finally.  We shall see.

On offense, as mentioned, there has to be less tendency to throw the deep ball.  Mike Wallace can catch in whatever way, long, short, medium.  If he's not open, then don't throw it to him.  Find the open receiver, even a running back.  Don't just hold the ball long and hope for a big play.  Ben needs to stay alive and keep the ball out of the opposing team's hands.  Stay upright and find the open receiver or throw the ball away.  The O-line is again banged up with Doug Legursky being injured but on the team section I just saw on Y! Sports, he's not out so that's a good sign.  The offensive line needs to protect Ben and open running lanes.  Speaking of Ben, he just said in an article from the Steelers' official website that he wants the no-huddle being used more often.  That should be at least attempted, if not outright used.  Time to throw in some wrinkles to keep opposing defenses guessing.  Keep the ball longer and win the time of possession battle.  Don't let the other team get a chance. The offense needs to start clicking and beat down teams.

Special teams, again field position and protecting the punter and kicker.  Let's see something good out of the team's special teams unit.

Hopefully the Steelers win again, but it'll be close.  Steelers win 26-17.

Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!

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