Sunday, October 16, 2011

Late, late recap from last week. Very short preview today.

Sorry for the lateness, guys.  Just happy that the Steelers actually protected Ben, and having Max Starks actually made a difference. No doubt we're hoping for the same today against the Jaguars.  Run game was good, but can Mendenhall get back on track? Don't know, don't care.  Just win, guys, and you do it by protecting Ben and opening running lanes.  Redman and Dwyer both looked good, so hopefully Mendenhall will get the same.  Regardless of the records, the Jags will look to go after Ben and stop the running game.  They'll also look to stop the passing game, so hopefully Ben and the offense will still function well.  We saw what they could do when the offense goes running in a balanced, efficient manner.  Hopefully it'll be the same today.

Steelers' defense wasn't bad.  Ok, things were out of hand for the Titans, and Chris Johnson wasn't able to run, but the defense did fine in the passing game, and the front did fine even without James Harrison.  Hopefully the defense can still do well against Maurice Jones-Drew, he's a freak of nature running back.  The Steelers D needs to stop him, and prevent Blaine Gabbert from looking like a superstar by pressuring him and forcing him to make mistakes.  The defense was able to do well against the Titans last week, and a bit of luck was also good for the team too.  Let's hope the Steelers D will get on track again for the second straight week.

Special teams needs to wake up.  Seriously, don't let the opposing team's guys break through and block field goal kicks and punt attempts, otherwise there won't be a penalty that will call back those touchdowns as we saw the past two weeks.  And don't let the opposing team recover onside kicks.  Just lucky the Steelers were able to pull away, so the Steelers' special teams needs to be on its best behavior game wise and make the plays needed to win.

All in all, better last week.  Hope for the same today.  Beat the Jags, Steelers.  Let's get on track.  It'll be close, since these two teams always play close.  I believe it'll be close again, and it'll be a Steelers' win 21-13.

Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!

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