Saturday, October 29, 2011

Again the Late Recap but To the Point.

Alright, alright, I know.  Late recap again of the previous week's game.  So I was feeling really high and let real life settle in.  The game was nearly perfect.  Nearly, cause the running game for the Steelers was anemic against the Cardinals' defense.  Ben, though, picked up the slack with a bomb to Mike Wallace and a couple other TD passes to go with it.  Ben's really picked it up since opening day.  Antonio Brown had a sick one-handed grab that really showed the Steelers have something going.  Granted, it was against bad teams mostly, but he's done very well.  Tomlin and Arians have done better in terms of the passing game, with the exception of the Jags game I didn't get to see.  Still, the Steelers' offensive line have to do a better job against the Patriots tomorrow to allow Ben to do his thing.  Hines Ward's out I think tomorrow, since he's been listed as questionable but we won't miss him cause his presence is always felt.  He's Myron Cope to the players as Cope was to the general citizens of Steeler Nation.  Still, it'd be nice to see him play tomorrow cause he's really helped the young receivers step up, as we've seen lately with them.  Hines is really important in the passing game, and I hope he'll still be important after his playing days are done.

Defensively, wow.  What can I say?? It seems a totally different team even without James Harrison.  Lamarr Woodley, man, what a beast he's been lately.  A safety he got after forcing Kevin Kolb to have an intentional grounding, to go along with sacks.  The defensive line has done well in terms of putting pressure on the opposing quarterback, but the run defense still concerns me.  They haven't really faced powerful runners in a while and I hope when they face an even competent running team, that they'll be able to respond well.  Ike Taylor has to be careful cause he went overboard in his physicality.  Nothing wrong with it, just he needs to be careful in terms of getting penalized and he needs to do his job as a cornerback without getting flagged.  As for the rest, eh.  They did well but we'll see how they respond to the Patriots' passing game.

Special teams was alright, just keep the ball safe and not let anyone attempt to block a kick, a punt, or force a turnover of any kind.

Overall, nice game. Now we need to see how they do tomorrow against the Patriots.  Hopefully, they can keep it up and stop the Pats.

Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!

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