Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Willie Colon Out for the Year. Tomlin's comments, well, Take a Look.

As if things weren't ugly enough, the Steelers lose Willie Colon for the rest of the year, again.   Torn triceps muscle, ouch, placed Colon on IR yesterday.  After signing a new deal, he won't even play past the first game of the first year of the new deal.  The Steelers signed veteran journeyman Jamon Meredith to fill the spot while rookie Marcus Gilbert will fill in Colon's spot.  We'll see how well Gilbert does, and hopefully the best lineman outside of Maurkice Pouncey, the only stable lineman for this team.

Take a look at Tomlin's comments, as they are very true, and he knows he will make sure this team doesn't forget otherwise he'll raise hell to go along with Pittsburgh's fans and media people.  Tomlin is a good coach, a stable one, and a powerful force.  He will keep them focused and make sure that what happened before will be a template to how they should play for the rest of the year.  It's like the site's founder said long after the game ended, he would rather they lose badly now and not comeback to win and let it be the way the Steelers play all year.  If they had to keep coming back to win after falling behind badly, it won't be good for the Steelers in the long run.  That's very true.  Tomlin will definitely get them back into it and he will lead this team to victory.  Hope he gets Coach of the Year to go along with a Super Bowl win.

Let's Go Steelers!

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