Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Two Days After: Steelers-Colts Recap

Oh man! That's all I have to say to describe the game.

It started ok, but maybe the Steelers got too cute.  The deep pass from Ben to Mike got a score, but since then it went downhill.  Ben got sacked twice and fumbled the ball because of Freeney and Mathis.  That got the Colts into the game, and the defense just harassed Ben all game long.  The O-line just got beaten badly, and at least three times I could see the O-line losing guys to injuries, and one of them came back into the game.  This is very concerning, as the commentators even mentioned that they only had 5-7 linemen for the game.  This is bad, and it's almost to the point where they should've kept Flozell Adams. Hopefully the Steelers can remedy the situation, at least to keep the O-line together but that's been the problem, consistency.  Speaking of consistency, the running game was nonexistent.  Two out of the first three weeks of the season, the run game has been invisible.  The Colts had more rushing yards, by a wide margin I'm sure.  Thankfully Ben led a strong final drive to lead to a game-winning field goal, but that can't be the modus operandi for the Steelers' season.  Bruce Arians better make changes as the offensive coordinator, cause if he doesn't and he expects to make it far like he did before with the same methods, then he better have a good press conference prepared.  Tomlin has to be upset with the way the offense went, and he has to be concerned with the Texans up next.

The defense, on the other hand, did pretty well.  No hating for the secondary, although Ike got lucky on one play when Curtis Painter came in as the Colts QB and overthrew Reggie Wayne.  Troy had an impact, as he was a factor for the Colts to be worried about, as he made good tackles, nearly had a couple picks, and made a bad decision near the end of the game when Painter handed the ball off to Addai.  I admit, I thought he was after the running back, but it could've been play-action for I knew, and Troy has always been an incredible bad-ass when he's taking in plays.  Troy was upset, but football's about making quick decisions when guys are fighting to get open and make plays.  Troy I'm sure will be more prepared for the next game, for if he sees what looks like a hand-off against the Texans, he'll go with what the play looks like to him.  Troy did recover a fumble that James Harrison forced on Painter, and Troy took it to the house.  Hopefully Troy can do that again, and I know he'll make sack and stop the plays that will give the opposing team positive gains.  Speaking of plays, where was Harrison and Woodley?? Last week, they had something going, but they were outplayed by Freeney and Mathis.  I hope for Woodley the money isn't on his mind after his new contract was signed, but he and Harrison didn't make much of an impact until near the end with Harrison's forenamed sack/fumble.  They need to get it on against the Texans, for the secondary actually did ok and the safeties made some good plays too.  The defensive line is a concern since the Colts were able to run the ball and get the ball off.  Hopefully Dick Lebeau is examining the game tape and he'll make the necessary adjustments against the Texans.

Special teams, Antonio Brown is the new Santonio Holmes, without the showboating and problems.  Waiting for him to take one to the house, but it'll be fine for now with his mostly good returns.  Suisham, though, has to be glad that that missed field goal from about 30-yards didn't haunt him and he made a longer one to win the game, but he has to be concerned if there are anymore misses like that, especially at critical moments, he'll be out like Jeff Reed.  Of course, it's not like they have another kicker they could find, but Suisham better be not thinking he can do that again.  Tough, I know, but he better make those kicks.  Speaking of kicks, I hope he can actually prevent kickoff returns, but then again that might actually hurt the coverage teams more since they need to prevent those returns.  Punts and kickoffs have been doing decently on coverage, but I hope they can win the field position battles for the Steelers.

This Sunday at 1PM, it's the Steelers vs. Texans.  The Texans have a powerful offense, just not the defense cause they still have problems with handling opposing teams like the Saints, but the Texans have been improving on that side of the ball, and they have Johnathan Joseph leading their corners.  Speaking of leading, Mario Williams is still a factor for the Texans as he's an outside linebacker with Ryans and Cushing there.  The D-line isn't terrible, but I'm more concerned of how the Steelers O-line will work.  Let's hope the Steelers are looking at the game tape and are game planning to make adjustments to stop the Texans.  More thorough review will be later in the week.

Let's Go Steelers!

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