Sunday, September 11, 2011

Opening Game: Steelers @ Ravens

On a day of remembrance, and really tragedy when those of us are old enough to remember where we were and who we lost and lucky enough to not have suffered personal tragedy, it's the first NFL Sunday of the season after Thursday night's opener.

In a football note, what a kicker. Steelers-Ravens, divisional rivalry game to start each team's season.  What a great way to kick things off.  Just watched NFL on CBS and found Jerricho Cotchery is out.  Although I feel the receiving corps for the Steelers can handle things, I'm more worried about the Steelers defensive backfield and the offensive line.  The Ravens signed Lee Evans in the offseason, not a big signing but one who definitely stretches the field for the Ravens who needed a legit deep threat.  Joe Flacco may actually win today's game and finally beat the Steelers when Ben Roethlisberger starts.  Flacco will definitely take advantage of the Steelers still soft secondary, and it would be worse with Ray Rice being the dual threat he is.

Still, the Steelers linebacker corps and defensive line will also show up, just like the Ravens' defense will.  Ben will no doubt get pummeled, but can the O-line limit the damage?  Doubtful.  Injuries, inconsistent play, and constant O-line changes have been a problem for the Steelers for a while, but they can help in run blocking and hopefully Mendenhall, Redman and the Steelers running game will have a good overall game, not necessarily have one of them be 100-yd rushers. Ben always plays well in big games, and it's going to be a playoff atmosphere in Baltimore.  I also hope the young guys for the Steelers will step up in all facets of the game.

Overall, close game.  Keep in mind, the highest I can remember for overall score would be in the low 20's but I think today will have more offense and it'll be 28-20, where Ben pulls through again but it'll be a tough game.

Remember 9/11, even if you forget with all that's been happening the past couple of years with the economy as it is, and you take football as a distraction, don't forget all lives lost and families broken apart by such a terrible tragedy.

God Bless America!!  Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!

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