Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Late Recap Ravens 35, Steelers 7

Man, I actually watched that whole game, asking, praying for a miracle but the 35-7 final was that.  The Steelers sucked on Sunday, which is a rare moment where the Ravens fans had the right to cheer that.  Adding insult to injury, what with 7 turnovers from the offense that included 3 picks from Ben, Ike Taylor stupidly hit a guy on the head on a play that would've been fourth down for the Ravens.  It's only the first game, but man, what a mess and it took me a couple days afterwards to cool off and not just be slammed for being inconsiderate and cruel.

As mentioned, the offense had 7 turnovers, equaling the 7 points the Steelers got on a TD pass from Ben to Sanders.  Not to mention Ben, Rashard Mendenhall, Heath Miller (?), and Mewelde Moore all fumbled.  Even Hines Ward got blasted and he usually does the blasting.  Geez, I was like, what happened?  The o-line, man, same old, same old.  They couldn't protect Ben and he got sacked a lot.

The worst thing than the offense?  Defense! "WTF?!?" That was going through my mind.  Troy did nothing, the linebackers zilch, not even the secondary's entire fault.  I can only wonder if James Harrison was a distraction that reached boiling point, but the Ravens did after hearing all year long that Flacco wouldn't win the Super Bowl (Woodley, next time don't give opposing teams motivation) and media guys saying the Ravens have to win against the Steelers.  The Ravens offense went off after the first drive of the game that ended with a Boldin TD, which saw Ray Rice cutting through the Steelers' run D like swiss cheese, who finished the day with a 100-yd game.  The Steelers defense didn't really do anything, making me wonder what can they do to get back on track.

Overall, an ugly game as the Steelers was outplayed in every way.  Even a successful 2-pt conversion attempted by the Ravens made the Steelers look silly.  I can only imagine how peeved Mike Tomlin was, as this team, for whatever reason, came out flat.  Age, preparation, whatever.  They just didn't play as well as they should have.  Maybe it's age and the young guys should prove themselves, at least for defense.  I don't know, but the entire team definitely needs to bounce back against the Seahawks this Sunday at Heinz Field for the home opener.  Otherwise, ugh!  There will be hell raised and to pay.  I know coach Tomlin will get them on track, and the players definitely will be downtrodden up to this point, knowing that they can play better.  Let's hope for the best, and pray, pray, pray, we see the Steelers win it all this year for Stairway to Seven.

Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!

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