Saturday, September 24, 2011

Late, Late Recap of Seahawks v. Steelers

Seahawks    0
Steelers      24

Apologies for the late review.  Been lazy cause of job searching, thinking of school, yada yada.  Hope to be better in reviews/recaps.  Plus, I needed some cool down time after watching any Steelers game, especially the win against the Seahawks.

What can I say?  A lot better performance.  Ben still got sacked/hurried a few times, so O-line still needs working but at least there haven't been false starts.  Scary moment with Ben getting hit below the knees, twice actually.  The first there was a flag but the guy didn't have control, the second should've been a flag.  Nice throwing from Ben and the receivers stepped up.  Loving Emmanuel Sanders.  Antonio Brown, eh, he's done alright but his special teams is a contribution.  Hope to see him make steps to be the player we've seen in the preseason and the year before.  Running game was good.

Defense, man, better effort.  Guess the old, aging line still has something to prove.  Secondary still is suspect, but it wasn't like they would've been killed by Tavaris Jackson, but Sidney Rice being out for that game, that was a factor.  Rice would've been a huge factor for this team and I don't know how the defensive backfield would've turned out (probably bad).  Still, Troy has made some near-big plays, but I think he's still affected by that injury from last year.  Defensive line did a lot better, but let's see them make improvements overall for future games.  Special teams did fine, doing what they had to do.

Overall, much better game.  Later today hopefully, a review of tomorrow night's Steelers-Colts game.


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