Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Recap of Falcons v. Steelers Preseason Game

Just a couple days ago, during Hurricane Irene weekend, the Steelers looked good on offense, although I do still feel concerned about the way the O-line plays, and with injuries to Pouncey again, I'm concerned already at a high level.  Antonio Brown, wow, what can I say? He's what Mike Wallace was in his rookie year and most of last year.  Shoot man, he can blow past people and catch passes like crazy, even though I only saw him catch two passes that were for long TD's and I was watching online streaming.  Still, he's ready to breakout, and I hope he does.  Hines, man, he's old for a player and he's still able to make plays or ready to break out.  Running game's fine, but O-line, again, is a concern.  Also, Byron Leftwich, ouch.  His non throwing arm, ok, not his throwing one, but now he's gone.  Eeehhh.  He wasn't good, but serviceable whenever he played.  I was hoping to see him step in and pull out a win like he did before whenever Ben was out, but now Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch are the next two back ups.  Overall, mediocre but not terrible players, just one's old and the other's, well, not so old but still green in a sense.  Let's hope Ben plays all of the games and wins us Super Bowl #7.

Defensively, not bad.  A lot of passes that were in the short/middle range were made for the Falcons, but Matt Ryan threw like 100 passes.  Still, secondary wasn't terrible.  Keenan Lewis and Dezardon Butler look fine, but again, it's preseason and I don't know how they'll do in real games.  It's the games that matter I'm more concerned about, whether regular season or postseason, I hope the secondary steps it up.  Injury wise, Lewis and Casey Hampton were hurt.  Now granted, the D-line has guys who can step up and have shown when playing, but I hope for more consistency and game winners like everyone else.  We'll see how it turns out because the defense is getting old and the young guys have shown promise.  I mean, Lawrence Timmons, man, he's just about ready to take one back to the house one of these days and it'll be a golden winner for everyone but he always gets tackled by a receiver.  Still, let's hope these guys win us the Super Bowl, #7.

Special teams, eh, I guess it's ok.  As long as they don't let teams go crazy.

Later today, I'll get a list of the cuts made over the past few days.  Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!

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