Saturday, August 13, 2011

Preaseason Highlights: Not Good

Pittsburgh Steelers: 7
Washington Redskins: 16

Well, they say it's only the preseason, but if anything, the season prognosis is not good from the highlights from ESPN's NFL Live.

First off, the offense.  Again, Ben gets hit.  He's big and tough, but he suffers a hit after throwing and a body strike by two Redskins players.  Three sacks the Steelers O-line allowed.  Good lord.  It's not even the regular season and still can't do anything.

Defense, oy.  Secondary/backfield left the field wide open for the opposing team's receivers and let Rex Grossman look like Tom Brady/Peyton Manning.  Run defense may not be too big of a problem but allowing Hightower to run for double yard gains isn't something to be allowed.  The big thing is the defensive back situation, and Ike Taylor suffered a broken thumb and will miss the next two weeks reportedly from ESPN's NFL Live.  Gay and McFadden aren't going to be reliable enough.  Let the other corners try.  Keenan Lewis and the two rookies from this year's draft should try because we need people to step up.  Heck, look at free agency.  There has to be available corners that are at least decent.

Overall, first preseason game but it isn't really too promising.  The Steelers won't even think of the playoffs unless they solve their O-line and defensive backfield problems.  Please do something, Tomlin.  Please, Rooneys, find guys that can cover receivers and get Ben and the running game help.

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