Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jerricho's Hands Come to the 'Burgh! Nice Signing Stillers!

Well, well, well. Guess the Steelers found a wide receiver not at 6 feet tall.  Jerricho Cotchery, the former NY Jets receiver who was recently released, has now joined the Steelers for  aone year contract.  While he's not a #1 receiver in terms of guys like Jerry Rice or Calvin Johnson, Cotchery is very serviceable and reliable.  OK, his numbers dropped with Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes, but he gives some needed depth and talent with two young receivers still learning in their second years while Mike Wallace and Hines Ward are still the main guys.  While it's not a big sign, it's better then going with Plaxico Burress in which Cotchery doesn't bring baggage and is a good locker room presence.  Granted, Burress hasn't played for two years because of his gun trouble and Randy Moss no one has a clue on where his head is at, but Cotchery is definitely a guy who can catch passes in slots and route running.  Not a deep guy per se, I don't think, but he's definitely reliable.  Let's hope he brings it and stays with the Steelers pass this season.

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