Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Emmanuel Sanders Out for Next 3 Weeks.

According to this Y! Sports Blog, Emmanuel Sanders will have to have surgery on his left foot and miss the next three weeks.  He should be ready to go by the time the season starts but at least Antonio Brown will get to work on a rhythm with Big Ben.  Granted, we saw these two young receivers do pretty well last season in the amount of action they had, though more with Sanders.  What I like about Brown, though, is that he'll take this opportunity to improve himself and convince the coaches he deserves more than playing in 12 games.  If he steps up like he did during the season and in the playoffs last year, he'll make a receiving corps even better with Mike Wallace already there, Hines still playing for at least one more season, and Emmanuel Sanders (when he's back) making strides last year. I like how he said there's a camaraderie with Sanders, a brother so to speak, and he'll hope that he comes back.  Till then, Brown will make the most of his chances and hopefully have a great year.

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