Monday, August 1, 2011

Big Ben Restructuring Deal. One of many proposed others.

Ben Roethlisbergher is in talks with the team to restructure his $102 million contract.  That was signed back in 2008 and all that money over an 8 year period.  It was surprising to hear that, but to know that the Steelers are trying to get under the $120.4 million cap after there was no salary cap last season due to the expiration of the previous CBA, it's worth it.  And strangely enough, narcisstic skeptical person I am, Ben wanted to do that and maybe other players will too to get the team under the cap.  Maybe the crap he put himself through last year helped prioritize his off-field persona, I don't know, but it seems that something bad (granted, beyond very bad) led to something good.  In any case, the front office will try to see if other guys will restructure their current deals, especially as they try to re-sign core players to get Super Bowl win #7.  Lamarr Woodley was franchise tagged before the lockout and the execs are trying to sign him long-term, same with Troy Polamalu who's about to enter the last year of his four year contract.  Let's hope the Steelers are able to do something and get us #7.

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