Thursday, August 11, 2011

Barron Batch's Season Over It Even Started

Damn, just found out that potentially promising rookie running back Barron Batch tore an ACL during practice and is likely out for the season. This guy was being all hyped out and even though it was practice, he was being praised for saying good things and even a video clip of him on the official site showed a little of the promise.  Tomorrow night is the Steelers first game, preseason yes, but still important since the lockout affected team chemistry greatly.  The rookie, though, while upset on not likely playing at all this year (and who wouldn't be?), is still being upbeat as he brought up how his freshmen year at Texas Tech ended prematurely due to injury and he was upset but didn't let it stop him as he brought up God and his determination to get back.  Now I don't care if there is a God or not, what religion you believe in.  The guy's got the belief, confidence, and guts to be ready to get back into the thick of things as soon as he's recovered from his injury.  I was getting all hyped up and while I haven't really read his blogs or interviews, the feedback has been good and he would've been a great addition to the Steeler backfied.  We'll have to see how John Clay does and hope Mewelde still has something left in the tank, otherwise it's just Mendenhall and Redman, and while it's good to have two running backs, it would help to have extra talent and depth.

Good luck Baron Batch.  A shame we won't see you play this year but I hope, as do the entire Steeler Nation, to see you back fully healthy and still be wearing black and gold next year.

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