Sunday, July 31, 2011

No Plax!

As I personally thought, Plaxico Burress did not reunite with the Steelers and signed a 1 year contract with New York.  Just not the Giants, but the Jets.  That's on the news for ESPN and Y! Sports, but honestly, while he does deserve the right to put  himself back on track, a la Michael Vick, it's not like we need more receivers with the mostly young corps we got.  Yeah, a taller receiver would be nice, but while Limas Sweed isn't the receiver we thought he could be, he might still make things right or the rookie FA's might make a dent in things. Whatever the case, we're not about reclamation projects, even though the Steelers have re-signed guys that originally left as seen last year, we should focus more on improving the team's weakeness on the offensive line and the defense.  It's older, weaker, and can be beaten more often as we've seen in the Super Bowl.  I say weaker because it's physically speaking that the team's getting less reliable.  Yes, Troy's still there but he was hampered by injuries.  Aaron Smith is nearing the end, Keisel's older, and Casey Hampton's not gonna be any younger either.  Not to mention only Ike's a reliable corner.  Plus, the O-line's still a problem.  Also, who knows how the youngsters will do so we need to hope the front office will bring in the guys who can solve this problem, Coach Tomlin keeps up the good work he's done in his very first coaching job, and the players themselves step it up and bring home the bacon (even though I'm not a bacon lover (Shocking, I know but that's just me).  Anyhow, keep it up Steelers and bring home another Lombardi!

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